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"Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly ... Colossians 3:16"

In 2008 the Lutheran Church - Canada convention resolved to establish a task force "to provide materials to pastors and congregations of Lutheran Church - Canada that will address key needs in the area of Christian Discipleship ..." This Task Force began meeting in February of 2012. The report of the Task force is contained in the 2014 Lutheran Church Canada Convention Workbook. The report is available for download here ...

While this is not an official Lutheran Church - Canada web site, it is an outgrowth of that Task Force. It hopes to be a place where pastors, congregations, and church members will be able to share resources to help them grow in the Word and grow in Christian life and discipleship. Launched during the week of the Fourth Sunday of Easter, 2014, the words of St. Luke in Acts 2:42 still resonate in our ears and hearts, "They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowhip, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer."

The order of these four things is important (actually five things, if you keep on reading). Discipleship starts with immersing ourselves in the Word of God. As we grow in the Word and in connection with Him, we grow in our connection with each other ... fellowship. As children of the same heavenly Father, we are sisters and brothers in Christ. We celebrate that family connection as we kneel together at the Lord's altar.

What's next? Prayer with and for one another. We call God "Our Father" and bring our shared needs to Him. What's the fifth thing? If you keep reading in Acts 2:43-47, you will see Christian life, the life of discipleship, start to bloom and grow ... It is our prayer that our gracious God would continue to bless His Word upon our hearts and in our lives.

By means of this web site, we endeavour to make Bible study and devotional materials available to Lutheran Church - Canada. In this start-up phase, we want to show you what's possible and find out from you what is needed and wanted. If there is something yo want that you don't see, please let us know. Bible Study submissions are welcome. Not everything currently on the web site has undergone doctrinal review. If you find a doctrinal error or have a question about something on this site, please contact us.

Bible Study Resources

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Bible Study Resources from the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod "What about Series ..."

Confession and Mission Bible Study - A-BC District Convention 2012

Bible Literacy

Choosing a Church Organ

A Lutheran Church-Canada Document
from the Board of Parish Services
Choosing a Church Organ ... or Sound System ... or Keyboard (pdf document)

Christian Time Management

A Lutheran Church-Canada Stewardship Initiative
by Rev. Mark Danielson
Christian Time Management Show (this is an executable file)
Christian Time Management (pdf document)

Christian Stewardship

Christian Stewardship

God's Design for Marriage

In a world where every good gift of God seems to get counterfeited, corrupted or abandoned, this study tries to lay out in simple terms God's design for marriage and family. Much of it is built on Ephesians 5 and Genesis 1 and 2.
Sources include:

Good Friday Prayer Vigil Resources

Every year our congregation host a 40 hour Prayer Vigil that begins at 6:00 a.m. on Good Friday and ends at midnight on Holy Saturday. We have provided a variety of resoures over the years. Here is a selection of what we have used in the past. Please feel free to make use of them for your prayer and devotional life. God bless ...

Prayer Vigil 2003 ... Contemplating the Cross
Prayer Vigil 2004 ... Go to Dark Gethsemane
Prayer Vigil 2005 ... God's Promises in Isaiah
Prayer Vigil 2006 ... The Lord's Prayer
Prayer Vigil 2007 ... Hymns of the Passion
Prayer Vigil 2008 ... The Lord's Prayer and The Lord's Passion
Prayer Vigil 2009 ... A Journey through the Gospel of Mark
Prayer Vigil 2010 ... Meditations on the Lamb of God
Prayer Vigil 2011 ... Prayers for Marriages and Families; Singles too!
Prayer Vigil 2012 ... The Passion Story from the Gospel of Mark
Prayer Vigil 2013 ... Seven Words from the Cross
Prayer Vigil 2014 ... Meditations on The Lord's Prayer
Prayer Vigil 2015 ... Walking the Way of the Cross
Prayer Vigil 2016 ... God's Plan of Salvation

Ladies' Bible Study Resources

The ACTS of Prayer - Part 1: Adoration(.doc file)
The ACTS of Prayer - Part 1: Adoration(.pdf file)
The ACTS of Prayer - Part 2: Confession(.doc file)
The ACTS of Prayer - Part 2: Confession(.pdf file)
The ACTS of Prayer - Part 3: Thanksgiving(.doc file)
The ACTS of Prayer - Part 3: Thanksgiving(.pdf file)
The ACTS of Prayer - Part 4(a): Supplication ... Salvation
The ACTS of Prayer - Part 4(a): Supplication ... Salvation
The ACTS of Prayer - Part 4(b): Supplication ... Faithfulness
The ACTS of Prayer - Part 4(b): Supplication ... Faithfulness

    More Parts to Come
An Advent Bible Study ... Being Mindful of God's Peace

BEING MINDFUL OF GOD'S PRESENCE ... How Nature Can Remind Us of God's Presence(.doc file)
BEING MINDFUL OF GOD'S PRESENCE ... How Nature Can Remind Us of God's Presence(.pdf file)
BEING MINDFUL OF GOD'S GUIDANCE ... How does God Lead and Direct His Children?(.doc file)
BEING MINDFUL OF GOD'S GUIDANCE ... How does God Lead and Direct His Children?(.pdf file)

A January Bible Study ... Our Resolutions and God's Promises


Telling the Good News About Jesus Jehovah's Witnesses Islam

Roadblocks to Faith

Biblical Answers to common questions about the Christian Faith
Sutdents Workbook ... by Rev. Mark Danielson
Roadblocks to Faith (pdf document)


Responding to Current Trends in Society

Living Together before Marriage Homosexuality Abortion

A Study of 1 Peter

A Study of James

A Study of Philemon

An Introductory Bible Survey Study

Christianity vs. Atheism